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Monday, April 27, 2015

Mother's Day Soon Approaching

Mother's Day is soon approaching (May 10th) and you'll want to be prepared to give thanks to your Mom for all she has done for you.

The word Mother means: 1. a. To give birth to  b. To give rise to: produce
                                          2. to care for or protect like a mother

When I think of the word "mother" so many more things come to mind than just those listed above. How could we ever sum up what being a mother entails? How could we ever define motherhood in any finite terms? There are so many things that a mother does in the lives of her children.

From the time a child is born, she spends endless hours, caring for, bathing, feeding, and protecting her child. What about the teaching? She will spend countless hours teaching her child everything from how to feed himself to how to walk, tie his how to ride a bicycle.

She teaches her child everything from manners to math. She teaches him how to treat people with kindness. She teaches him how to be helpful to others. She teaches him to respect people and especially his elders. She is his taxi cab driver, nurse, cook, confidant, friend ~ when he seems to have none.

She is priceless. How about giving her a book she will love for Mother's Day? Show her that she is important to you in your life. And if you are a Mom, I want to say thank you and wish you "Happy Mother's Day!"