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Thursday, March 10, 2016

No condemnation

This is a word of prophecy from a former pastor and friend in Dallas, TX..take it in and see if it agrees with your spirit. It definitely agrees with mine. Blessings to you.

I hear in my spirit...
I am bringing much revelation to My church in these last days to show who you really are in Christ so that the world can run to you and find refuge in My Son.
But you are wearied by guilt, shame and condemnation because there is a lack of understanding that Jesus bore it all for you. I am raising up a confident robust church who knows their identity is in Christ alone that that the world can run to you to find Him.
Let revelation come even now and believe that I saw your life from start to finish on Jesus as He hung on the cross. Nothing from your life has been hidden from Me because I saw it all on My Son as He poured out His soul unto death. He offered His soul as the final sacrifice so that your soul would be saved to the uttermost. (Isaiah 53:10-12 & Hebrews 10:12) …… It is finished.
Man is inherently desperate for acceptance and much of My church is too. I want you to understand once and for all that you are eternally accepted by Me because you put your faith in My Son. No longer look at yourself to measure your righteousness, but look at your Savior for that is where I look. He was your perfect final sacrifice…the spotless Lamb and when I see you, I see My Son because I've placed you in Him. Let a boldness be upon you because your right standing with Me is because of Him!
Signs and wonders will always draw men, but they cannot save a soul. I use them to show My power, but only the knowledge of Jesus and His grace causes man to experience My great love. I will increase signs and wonders in these last days, but the preaching of My free gift of salvation must increase also. Who will declare Him to this generation? Know who you are because of Jesus so that you can boldly preach the Gospel with no conditions. Freely you have received, now freely give.

Pastor Ann Hinson