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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Joseph Prince — Knowing You're Forgiven Imparts Faith For Healing

This is a wonderful teaching excerpt from Joseph Prince regarding KNOWING that you are totally forgiven and free.

I was asking God one day to show me what He meant by the word "stand" used so often in the Word of God. I know what "stand" means; dictionary-term-wise, but I wanted to know more about His use of the word. He showed me that I am only able to "stand" KNOWING that I am FORGIVEN.
It was a powerful word of revelation to me. He showed me this as I was standing at my kitchen sink, where He so often speaks His truths to me. God is so good!

If you have questions about something in the Word, or anything else, just ask Him with a sincere heart that is seeking truth. He loves to teach us, show us things, and reveal His love to us. Be blessed today as you listen to this message!