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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Good Good Father w/ Lyrics (Chris Tomlin)

He is a GOOD, GOOD Father!  If you grew up believing anything else, they told you wrong.

Ask Him for a revelation of Who He is.  He will show you.  He loves it when His children seek Him in all of His fullness. And if you're here, and you can't say that you are His child, that can all change today, this moment.   Just say, Jesus-I want to know you as Savior and Lord of my life. I give my life of sin and shame to you; take it and do something with it. Live Your life big in me. Thank you Jesus!

Now-if you prayed that prayer just now-you have been born (again) into the family of God! It's that simple. You have been saved BY GRACE through FAITH. Your job now is to find out who you are in Christ Jesus and to find out just how much God loves you! He wants to reveal Himself to you through His word (that's the main way He does it). I always tell people to begin by reading the book of John in the New Testament.

God has been so maligned and lied about throughout the years.  The enemy of our souls does not want us to KNOW the Father, because if we find out how GOOD He is, our lives will be forever transformed.  He wants to give us life and prosper us in all things. Then we can go out and share His love with others.  That's His plan. Will you be part of His plan?  He would love nothing better!

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